Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus Size Prom Dresses

Yes, Jasz is sexy! Yes, Jasz is glamorous! Yes, Jasz carries plus sizes in almost every dress on the line! Here are some dresses that will fit a girl any size, so don’t be afraid to show off some skin and be ready to WOW the crowd!

Jasz 7306 - This dress isn’t only on trend, but it’s one with detailing incorporated in the fabric itself. The sweetheart neckline and fitted bodice is sexy and the higher cut in the back and full skirt is modest. Look beautiful and feel comfortable with this dress no matter what your size.

Jasz 7433 - Not interested in showing off your shoulders? No problem, show off your legs instead and feel just as sexy with this high slit beauty!

Jasz 7003 - This gorgeous dress is beautifully beaded and although the straps are thick and the back is high, the deep cut neckline allows you to show off some skin. The fitted bodice and flared bottom will show off your curves while giving you a glamorous feel in feathered perfection!

Jasz 7008 - Feel like a queen in a dress that’s simple but so chic that it’ll turn heads at any occasion! This is the Jasz 7008 with a satin bodice, tulle skirt, and off shoulder straps. It’s absolutely flawless!

Overall, Jasz’s ultimate goal is to make something for every body type, not only so that you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, but also so that you can look your level best and like a million bucks!
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