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Sexy Prom Dresses

All eyes on you. If you feel beautiful, sexy and confident about yourself, let it show at Prom. All eyes will be on you and your stunningly sexy prom dress. Guys will wish they had asked you, girls will hate you for being able to wear that dress, and you will love every minute of it. Sexy dresses are bold and daring, and not everyone may feel comfortable wearing them, but you should at least try one on at your local dress boutique to see how you feel about wearing a sexy cutout prom dress, and you might discover that you look hot – really hot.


Style 7300

Style 7041

Who to Prom Shop with?

Friends Coordinate your dresses (all sequin dresses), get opinions from your people your age and a great chance to hang out and do something fun together! solo You may want to keep your dress a secret and surprise them all on Prom day! By shopping on your own time, spend as long as you want without feeling rushed. date Great way to make sure you look great together. Have him match his tie, pocket square or vest with your prom dress to complement each other! Parents & Family Invite your family to help you shop for a dress! Your loved ones get to spend time with you and you get to ask for your graduation present early!



Style 7397

Style 7304

Style 7364

Style 7310

Style 7363

Style 7320

Style 7331

Find A Store Near You

Prom Shopping Guide

The best way to find your measurements is to ask one of the staff at your local dress store or boutique. Visit any store carrying Jasz to get measured by an expert. Far away from a store? Then check out our FAQs for more.


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Jasz Couture is a designer Prom, Pageant and Eveningwear company based in downtown Los Angeles.

Jasz has been designing stunningly sexy affordable gowns for over three decades

Our glamorous gowns have been worn in many Pageants, Proms and by several celebrities.

We continue to be a constant innovator in our industry featuring our sexy cut-outs.