Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


JaszCouture.com collects customer information to make your shopping experience better. This privacy policy is intended to help you understand what information or data we gather as you visit our Website and how we use that information. By visiting JaszCouture.com, you are accepting the practices in this policy.

What information does JaszCouture.com collect?

JaszCouture.com gathers navigational information passed to us during each visitor's use of our Website. During this data collection, nonpersonally identifiable information is also collected such as which web browser version, service provider, operating system software (Windows, Mac, etc) is being used. This information is used to better ensure our compatibility with our customers and improve our technical efficiency. We also track usage information such as time spent on a page, which products are most viewed, what click paths are most used to reach a certain product, and what pages or search engine terms brought you to our Website.

What does JaszCouture.com do with my Personal Information?

We store Personal Information submitted to us through online orders, newsletters, contests on our servers to better serve our customers. Personal information allows us to fulfill orders, make future purchases faster, and offer our customers promotions that they may be interested in. We will have to share personal information when necessary to validate and process credit card transactions. Also note, in compliance with Federal laws to protect children, JaszCouture.com does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children 13 years of age or younger. Please do not submit personal contact information if you are 13 years old or younger. We do not sell/share personal information such as email or phone numbers.

What does JaszCouture.com do with content I submit related to products and promotions such as customer reviews?

By writing reviews, ratings, opinions or other content for our products, contests, and promotions, you are granting JaszCouture.com the right to use, modify or remove the submitted content for present and future promotional efforts without further consent, permission or compensation. You also verify that you are the original creator or have the rights to any works submitted by you. Please do not submit copyrighted content.

What's in JaszCouture.com's cookies?

Cookies are small files saved by your browser that allow websites to track your browser. In particular for JaszCouture.com, cookies allow us to keep your account signed in and shopping bag saved so that you can shop for other items before checking out. JaszCouture.com also uses cookies to help us gather statistical tracking and navigational data. We do not store your credit card information in cookies.

What about links to third party sites?

JaszCouture.com may link to various affiliate and third-party websites such as fashion news, manufacturers' and designers' websites. However we do not endorse nor take responsibility for the content on those sites as they are beyond our editorial control. Please also consider that the privacy policies of external sites may differ from those of JaszCouture.com.